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Building a Livable Hollywood

There is no stronger brand in the world than the name ‘Hollywood.’ Other places may aspire to be Hollywood, but there is only one real Hollywood. Hollywood has a strong and influential Chamber of Commerce – the second largest in the county – which focuses on economic development and assisting businesses wanting to move here.

The facts about Hollywood: Since 2003, a total of 5,000 housing units have been built in Hollywood. In 2017, there are 2,800 housing units under construction and another 6,900 units in the pipeline. Three hotels with more than 500 rooms will come on line in 2017, with another 13 hotels with more than 2,000 rooms proposed. There is 450,000SF of commercial office space under construction in 2017, with another 693,000SF proposed.

Hollywood’s own appeal has always been the main attraction which entices people to come together to work, create and live in this most unique Tinseltown. No time is better than the present to have a conversation about Building a More Livable Hollywood. The Chamber’s 2017 Economic Development Summit explored commercial development and how the community may benefit from major companies and projects moving in. Panels discussed “work” and how new hotels merit Hollywood, “create” and how a project such as Dream Hotel benefits the community, “live” and how residents and businesses can collaborate to revitalize the community. Elaborating further on the theme was L.A. City Planning Director Vince Bertoni, and USC Prof. David Sloane, an expert in urban history, cultural landscapes, and health planning and disparities.

If you want to find out what projects are in the pipeline in Hollywood, you may want to get your hands on the Economic Development Update for 2017 published by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. Email or visit for more information.

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